MOF @ pavillion, Japanese Sweets

MOF is one of our favorite places to have desserts, especially healthy ones! hehee, thats an excuse for me to feel less guilty ;-) I wanted to share what we usually have there on weekday evenings..or sometimes I would just drop by for a quick soft serve ice cream on a cone, which is usually a must when I come to pavillion.

 They mainly consist of red bean paste, macha ice cream, glutinous balls and hot fried sweet potatoes! yum! MOF heree we comeeeeeeee!


Paranoid Android said... / June 29, 2010 at 5:45 PM  

You guys have a sweet tooth! I like. LOL. Have you tried Grandmama's at Level 6? It is halal, and has great Coconut Pudding. The Prawn Kuey Teow is also good, but I am not sure if it is your cup of tea. Otherwise kinda sucky there. Delectable Su and Heavenly Cakes opening at Pavilion soon! Ciao!

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